Writing key-word rich articles on E RADAR

Do you write keyword-rich articles that will help you to maximise your readership

Example 1: "Car Audio"

  • This article title is too short to get any hooks and the reader has to guess what your angle to the topic will be about.

Example 2: "Car Audio and Electronics"

  • This is better, yet it does not explain why someone should read the article.

Example 3: "Car Audio and Video That Will Make Your Friends Envy You"

  • Now we have picked up a 2nd keyword, "video" and a reason why to read the article.

Example 4: "Car Audio Components, Subwoofers and Tweeters - 7 Tips to Amp Up Your Stereo"

  • Here you see multiple high value keywords, gave a reason to read the article and even used a high value keyword as a verb, "Amp."

Tip: Use a keyword tool such as GoodKeywords, Google Suggest, or Wordtracker to help identify keywords for your article titles.

Also, ask yourself this question: "Do the first 3 words of my article title introduce the topic of the article?"

  1. Start your article title with your article subject.
  2. Avoid starting with 'junk words' or conjunctions, such as "a" or "the."
  3. It is acceptable to start your article title with a verb and then roll directly into a dense keyword relating to the subject of your article.
  4. Consider using two article topic hooks in your article title.Example: "Yoga Moves - 7 Tips To Flatten Your Abs With Hatha Yoga Techniques"Topic hook #1 is "Yoga" or "Yoga Moves"
    Topic hook #2 is "Flatten Your Abs" or "Hatha Yoga"

Can you imagine the possibilities of using two very narrow topical hooks to help your reader know what the benefit will be if they invest the time to read your article?