Why more and more businesses are moving towards mobile gaming

mobile gaming, eradar.euIt was recently announced that gaming house Electronic Arts, the brand behind Need for Speed and FIFA, was to move into a new market: mobile gaming.

In January this year, the company made headlines for its record fiscal third quarter earnings. But while its console offering is positively thriving, it now wants to make the ambitious move into mobile gaming.

EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen said: “Our mobile business today is about $600 million. It’s about the fourth-largest mobile business in the world and we think there’s a lot of potential in mobile going forward.”

Meanwhile, the folks over at video game franchise Backyard Sports have recently made their own venture into the big bad world of mobile gaming. Day 6 Sports Group, a start-up entertainment company, made the step to turn the former video games developer into a free mobile games platform, breathing new life into the Backyard Sports franchise that was so popular back in the 90s.

For Day 6 Sports Group, the motivation behind going into the mobile market is simple: it was to encourage youngsters to get fit. Having noted the increased popularity of mobile gaming, the company will now be selling physical basketball hoops, mini basketballs and baseball bats, each of which will unlock players and other key gameplay attributes in its new roster of games.

It seems that blurring this line between the virtual and real life is the norm for the ever-growing world of mobile gaming. For instance, the casino world is speedily becoming more popular on the online gaming side; with games like Starburst Slots at Mr Smith Casino offering an even more exciting round of slots than we might find in traditional land-based casinos, it’s no wonder that mobile gaming is the new weapon of choice for many developers.

Of course, that is not to mention the pure money-making potential of the mobile gaming market. The case of EA alone serves to highlight just how much of a growing market this is. An analyst report published by BMO Capital Market Corp in November 2014 said: “Looking at mobile, we continue to expect EA to benefit from the increased proliferation of smartphones as the company leverages its portfolio of content against that rapidly growing addressable market.”

To that end, it has been predicted that by 2018, mobile games will lead global gaming software revenues and bring in around $38 billion in that year alone. While consoles may be enduringly popular, the advent of smartphones is making the future of the mobile gaming industry very promising indeed.