UK Cyber Laws

IT professionals often worry that they don't know what they need to know about cyber laws and regulations. And with compliance and risk no longer just the preserve of specialist lawyers but of everyone with the organisation, E RADAR's UK Cyber Law Tracker provides an easy-to-use solution to help decision makers find information on the laws and regulations that matter.

E RADAR's unique UK Cyber Law Tracker was born out of the work of the now-defunct Alliance for Electronic Business (AEB) - a high-level business forum where organisations came together to discuss the legal and regulatory landscape for doing business line. Sponsored and supported by the CBI, global standards body GS1, the Direct Marketing Association and (what is now) TechUK, the AEB promoted legal certainty online for businesses and consumers alike.

Many other business organisations, consumer groups and not-for-profit forums also participated in the AEB's top-level discussions which took place with government and parliament both in the UK and in Europe. This multi-stakeholder approach was a refreshing way to help inform policy makers about the intended and unintended consequences of lawmaking in the new age of the Internet. It also challenged the way some business associations and professional bodies traditionally interacted with their members, suppliers and users. For the Internet Age is one of collaboration between stakeholders in the economic cycle of supply and demand.

UK Cyber Laws Reference Guide

As the AEB's Legal Policy Manager, in 2001 I wrote the first comprehensive reference guide to UK cyber laws and regulations aimed at non-lawyers with the help of the Digital Policy Alliance and IBM. We'd agreed that the proper management of cyber legal risks required us to identify all relevant laws. Time after time we had been in meetings where top CIOs and CTOs were struggling to find out information on cyber laws and what they needed to do to comply.

The guide provided the transparency businesses required to make commercial, investment and compliance decisions which might affect operations in the UK, Europe and beyond.

The Guide is now available via E RADAR through our membership subscription service, or via an e book download. The advantages of the subscription service is that we can update the list of laws and regulations in real time, whilst the e book is updated annually. The UK Cyber Law Tracker is a handy reference guide for business owners, top managers and key decision makers who want to keep one step ahead of the competition.

We're now working on a similar guide for US legislation.

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