Telecoms User Rights in Europe

The European Union's package of measures for the EU-wide telecoms market provide important rules and user rights for citizens who use fixed land lines, mobile phones and the Internet to make calls and access other communications services.

This means you!

Telecoms user rights

Rights for European Citizens include:

  • What are Unified Communications, telecoms costs, telecoms spend, telecoms user rightsthe right to change your phone provider in just one day, for both fixed and mobile, while keeping the same number  – so you can shop around and pick the best deal for you, and switch over without lots of inconvenience and interruption;
  • shorter minimum contracts – so you don’t have to stay stuck to one provider forever; and
  • the right to be told if there is a “breach” to the personal data your phone company holds about you

Those rights are in addition to other powers introduced at the same time, like new tools to help legislators promote competition. Those deliver yet greater choice and better deals across the EU – including so that the “termination rate” charges imposed when you call a mobile or fixed number better match the true cost.

Those are significant new EU rights for consumers – make sure you’re making the most of them! And if you aren’t getting the legal rights you’re entitled to – get in touch with the relevant national authorities to make sure they know about it. Or look here for more on what the EU does for your rights as a user of phone and telecoms services.