5 Handy Tips For Telecoms Cost Management

5 Handy Tips For Telecoms Cost Management

Manage your telecommunications costs effectively: We’re all trying to save money with organisations adopting smarter business practices to reduce capital and operational expenditure, maintain liquidity and, where possible, increase profitability. With so much choice in the UK’s competitive communications market driven overseen by communications regulator Ofcom, it makes sense to review your digital communications strategy regularly. […]

I am not an IP address

Top Internet lawyer Graham Smith is alarmed by suggestions made ahead of last week’s Queen’s Speech that everyone may be allocated an Internet Protocol (IP) address when communicating over the Internet.  The truism that an IP address denotes a device, not a human being, is ingrained in anyone with a technical understanding of the internet.  Nothing gets […]

Business Connectivity Market Review

The UK communications regulator Ofcom has published a final statement on its Business Connectivity Market review. Following comments from the European Commission on a draft statement published on 25 February, Ofcom is confirming its decisions. These are designed to promote competition and help ensure the UK has a backbone of high-speed networks capable of supporting the future data […]