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Legal Risks In Electronic Personnel Records

Legal Risks In Electronic Personnel Records

Most organisations now prefer to manage their staff records electronically. And this gives rise to all sorts of legal and business issues including data protection, information security, and for how long you need to keep individual records. Personnel records provide the basis for decision-making when managing your employees. This includes human resources forecasting and planning, recruitment and […]

Electronic Personnel Records – Pensioners

Pensioners have statutory rights that must be observed. It is critical that the organisation keeps appropriate records. Where business functions (and the requisite staff) have been transferred to executive agencies, organisations or the local government, these organisations may have created their own pension funds or schemes. A pension scheme’s archives provide a unique record of […]

Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Redundancy

Staff redundancy or ‘retrenchment’ has become a significant factor with the economic downturn. New employment legislation is often passed to assist in this process. Good practice requires that schemes to encourage voluntary redundancy should be established and that compulsory redundancy should only be used as a last resort. Where compulsory redundancy is being considered, there […]

Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Transfers and Secondments

Employers often assign their employees to work in their overseas operations as “expatriates” on transfers and secondments. For the relocation to succeed, employers must carefully select suitable candidates, plan the terms of assignments, prepare employees for relocation, manage the assignments and coordinate their conclusion. The goal in preparing for expatriate assignments should be to eliminate […]