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Full e-procurement of all public services by 2016, says Barnier

Single Market Commissioner Michel Barnier has announced an ambitious target requiring public sector organisations to buy all goods and services online by 2016. The move is expected to save EU taxpayers billions in euros and make it simpler for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to do business with government. Commissioner Barnier said: “It’s time to act. […]

Collective Rights Management Directive

The European Commission is about to publish its draft proposal of collective rights management, said Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier. Barnier told the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee on 13 February that the Commission had concluded a public consultation on the legislation. Commission officials are currently finalising details to two components of the legislation: harmonising […]

Copyright in the digital era – Speech by Michel Barnier European Commissioner

Music creators are a face of the vibrant European cultural scene. You are the creators of our colourful musical landscape. And you are also vital to our international competitiveness. Promoting your talent, your creativity and your innovation is key to our future prosperity. To Europe’s leadership in a competitive world. Ladies and Gentlemen, cultural diversity […]