Electronic Personnel Records – Special Employment Contracts

Special Employment ContractsSome staff appointments are made by special employment contracts tailored to the individual's specific tasks and duties.

These can include, for example a director with specific or additional obligations or personnel requiring high-level security clearance. The special employment contract will set down the terms and conditions of the individual's appointment rather than the organisation's standard employment contract.

Summaries or copies of any additional papers or reports relevant to making special employment contracts are usually placed on the person's personnel file. A separate set of contracts is maintained by the personnel department.

Special employment contracts are usually made under the company's seal.

Electronic records management

Workers should be given copies of their special employment contracts and the personnel department should hold the originals. Contracts should be kept for the statutory period after the expiry of the contract, usually about six years.

Some special employment contracts may contain company or position-sensitive information that should not be made accessible to those staff members who would ordinarily have access to standard employment contracts, e.g. general staff in the human resources department.

Records issues

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