Serious Crime Act 2007

Reference UK/2007/C/27

The Serious Crime Act 2007 allows for widespread data sharing between government agencies in order to prevent fraud and other offences.

Key provisions

The Act

  • makes provision about serious crime prevention orders;
  • creates offences in respect of the encouragement or assistance of crime;
  • enables information to be shared or processed to prevent fraud or for purposes relating to proceeds of crime;
  • enables data matching to be conducted both in relation to fraud and for other purposes;
  • transfers functions of the Director of the Assets Recovery Agency to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and other persons and to make further provision in connection with the abolition of the Agency and the office of Director;
  • amends the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 in relation to certain investigations and in relation to accredited financial investigators, management receivers and enforcement receivers, cash recovery proceedings and search warrants;
  • extends stop and search powers in connection with incidents involving serious violence;

The Act created the Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO), and allows widespread data sharing between government agencies. It also abolished the Assets Recovery Agency and redistributed its functions, making recovery of the proceeds of crime a responsibility of SOCA.

Supervision and enforcement

Further information