S. 813 – Cyber Security Public Awareness Act of 2011


The proposed US Cyber Security Public Awareness Act of 2011 is intended to promote awareness of cyber security.

The Bill, once enacted, mandates that different government agencies provide information to Congress on what plans exist for prosecuting cyber criminals, reacting to significant private sector incidents, reporting cyber crime to shareholders, regulating critical infrastructure, protecting the information security supply chain, and trying cyber criminals in federal courts.

Subject Areas

  • sheldon whitehouse, us senators, Cyber Security Public Awareness ActGovernment Operations and Politics
  • Civil actions and liability
  • Computer security and identity theft
  • Computers and information technology
  • Congressional oversight
  • Criminal investigation, prosecution, interrogation
  • Criminal justice information and records
  • Electric power generation and transmission
  • Energy storage, supplies, demand
  • Financial services and investments


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) (pictured above right)


The proposed Cyber Security Public Awareness Act was introduced on April 13, 2011, and referred to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Text of the Bill



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