Online Security – Security Software Contracts

Online systems and networks are vital organs in today’s successful organisation, a life source for developing products and services, doing business with customers and suppliers, and managing workers. Online security is a priority for all organisations doing business online. If your electronic supply and demand chain is not secure, business partners and customers will go elsewhere for […]

IT Contract: Connectivity Contracts

Organisations connect to the Internet using an ISP (Internet service provider). The robustness and speed of connectivity can both vary geographically depending upon the availability of broadband. Generally-speaking towns and cities have been quick to build a communications infrastructure but rural areas are now benefiting from broadband investment, especially from the UK and EU. Use […]

IT Contract: Systems and Network Infrastructure

IT Contract: Systems and Network Infrastructure

An IT contract forms the basis of any business relationship between the customer and supplier of information technology products and services.  Most organisations now use outside contractors to create, develop and operate their business systems and networks. Cloud computing technology has also enabled organisations to Outsourcing is big business, so it is important that organisations […]