Retailer gets royal knickers in a twist

Poor HM The Queen.

Not only must she put up with the roaring Beast of Bolsover* and his silly (but funny) quips to Black Rod during the State Opening of Parliament, it now seems the royal knickers are also under scrutiny.

An IT error has caused W H Smith's customers to be issued with receipts saying "The Queen's Knickers - £5.99" for whatever goods they purchased. The fault affected the retailer's outlets last Thursday and was resolved the same morning.

The product involved was a newly released children's book with the funny title.

Nicholas Allan's tale centres on the Queen's visit to a school, timed to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee, and one of the pupil's speculation about what type of knickers the monarch wears.

Speaking to the BBC, the author joked, "quite a few people have emailed me telling me about it, suggesting it might be a tactic by my publishing house."

"I suppose it must have been a surprise to anyone buying an adult magazine or some other dubious product. But from my point of view the glitch is good news, as people who didn't know about the book will now.

W H Smith denied rumours that its tills had been hacked. In a statement, the retailer said "There was a temporary set-up error in the system due to a promotion change regarding a children's book."


* Dennis Skinner MP, nicknamed the 'Beast of Bolsover' and well known for his republican views shouted out "Jubilee year, double dip recession, what a start" during the Queen's Speech today.