Reducing cost of high speed internet roll-out – new EU consultation

DG Connect, the European Commission's newly-branded directorate in charge of the Digital Agenda flagship policy has announced a new consultation aimed at helping to reduce the costs of investment in and the final retail price of, broadband.

The public consultation runs until 20th July 2012.

High-speed Internet underpins all sectors of the economy and will be the backbone of the Digital Single Market. For every 10% increase in the broadband penetration the economy grows by 1 to 1.5%. In this context the European Commission is seeking views on how to cut the costs of setting up new networks for high speed internet in the EU. In particular, the Commission wants to explore how to reduce the costs associated with civil engineering, such as the digging up of roads to lay down fibre, and which can account for as much as 80% of the total cost. The Commission believes it could cut the cost of broadband investments by a quarter. Input is sought from all interested public and private parties including telecoms and utility companies for instance, investors, public authorities and consumers.

DG Connect is seeking your view on:

  • obstacles to invest in broadband infrastructure,
  • ways of improving the use of current infrastructure,
  • coordination of civil engineering works,
  • measures increasing coordination between competent authorities and simplifying permit procedures,
  • 'readiness' of new buildings for high speed internet infrastructure.


Details of the consultation are available from the European Commission's website