Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Recruitment

The purpose of staff recruitment is to acquire the best candidate(s) for the job(s). In some organisations, recruitment is outsourced to recruitment consultancies and head hunters...

Electronic records management

Staff RecruitmentThe recruitment process generates many types of record. Most of these are not needed after the post is filled. The exceptions may be the application form and educational certificates, which are required for long periods.

Not only could deliberate untruth by the applicant be grounds for dismissal, even years after appointment, but the application form provides important source of original source data about the employee.

Some employers even check online social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter for additional information about a particular candidate. There is currently much discussion on the morality of this kind of research because some see it as an intrusion into candidates' private lives Yet, in 2013 the Police Commissioner for Kent, UK was heavily criticised for not carrying out appropriate social media checks prior to the appointment of Paris Brown.

E RADAR's view is that any material on social media websites is in the public domain and therefore should be an integral part of the organisation's due diligence during staff recruitment.

Records issues

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