Electronic Personnel Records – Job Descriptions

job descriptions

A job description is a document commonly used within all organizations. Job descriptions explain the duties, tasks, responsibilities, and functions of a particular job. Job descriptions are usually developed after conducting a job analysis. A job analysis evaluates a job to determine its functions.

Preparing job descriptions involve identifying the main duties, responsibilities and tasks involved in the job and physical, social and financial conditions of the job...

A job description might include a ‘person specification’, which defines the knowledge, skills and experience required to carry out the tasks summarised in the job description successfully. This process involves matching the characteristics of the job with the characteristics of the potential applicants. Job descriptions provide basic information about the nature of the position and can be used in many aspects of personnel work, such as performance appraisal, training programmes and disciplinary interviews.

Electronic records management

A record of each job description and person specification should be kept for at least as long as the job exists in the organisation. Line managers should have an up-to-date copy of the job description and be involved in any revisions to it. Each member of staff should have a copy of his or her job description.

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