Customer service care following e-commerce transactions

Sellers should have a policy and procedure in place for dealing with post sales customer service which includes any goods and services ordered over the Internet.

Manufacturers’ guarantees or warranties (if applicable) must accompany all supplied goods. Sellers should also consider post sales customer support, including how to deal with guarantees. A customer service policy should be posted on the website and include a mechanism to enable customers to submit questions or complaints via email, telephone or fax.

Customers should also be able to submit feedback on the seller’s electronic services (for example, by means of an online form, or by email). The policy should, as a minimum, set down a timetable for answering complaints. Any complaint or question that the seller cannot resolve should be forwarded to the relevant third-party (e.g. manufacturer or service provider).

Customer service in call centres

unified communications, email, instant messaging,call centre, customer serviceMany large organisations now use call centres to deal with ongoing customer service and care.

Customers now expect online business to be quick and easy so make sure your call centre procedures match their expectations. It's no longer acceptable to keep customers waiting for more than a few minutes when they are telephoning you.

Don't make your staffing and management issues their problem since a growing body of case law now allows customers to claim against you for their time, telephone costs and other reasonable expenditure, where appropriate.


A monitoring system should also be put in place to ensure that customer concerns or complaints are addressed satisfactorily. Information, including any correspondence should be stored electronically for a defined time period. Doing so may assist in resolving customer complaints. The seller should determine the length of time based upon experience.

Do remember also that any personal data you are processing is subject to data protection rules. A customer may make a subject access request at any time which will require you to provide him/her with all relevant personal information.

One final note on monitoring. If you monitor telephone calls, under the Lawful Business Practice Regulations you must inform the customer that you are doing so.

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