Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Redundancy

Staff redundancy or 'retrenchment' has become a significant factor with the economic downturn. New employment legislation is often passed to assist in this process.

Electronic records management

staff redundancyIn the event of redundancies, the staff list should be amended as necessary and the central authorities informed. A record of any future entitlements (in addition to compensation at the time of redundancy) should be kept and placed on the personnel file, which should then be closed. A copy of the statement of entitlement should be provided to the redundant employee. Records of redundancy policy and the redundancy scheme should be kept centrally by the personnel department. Individual departments will also have copies of material about the scheme for their own administrative purposes. Records relating to implementing the scheme should be kept in the employing department.

The files of employees made redundant should be transferred to a central repository, such as a records centre. The records may be required to answer future queries in relation to the redundancy scheme or to entitlements.

Records issues

Further information

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