Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Promotions

staff promotions

Staff promotions should be based primarily on merit, though seniority may also be a consideration. Sometimes a promotion results in an employee taking on responsibility for managing or overseeing the work of other employees. Decision making authority tends to rise with a promotion as well.

Traditionally, candidates for promotion have been required to attend a promotion board, but increasingly managers have been allowed to advertise for applications when a vacancy occurs and to carry out the selection themselves, possibly with the involvement of personnel staff.

Promotion boards may be restricted to internal candidates only, but may also include outside candidates. Appeal procedures should be in place to consider cases where individuals were not selected for promotion or were not promoted.

Electronic records management

There will probably be a separate case file for each promotion board. The board’s comments on each candidate should be copied to the individual’s personal file. Relevant central authorities should be informed. The staff list will need to be amended.

Records issues

Further information

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