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Records of  the performance appraisal are important to the ongoing operational effectiveness and continuing development of the organisation, as well as to the well-being of the individual members of staff.

These records provide evidence for the future deployment and promotion of staff as well as information about their current performance.

Performance appraisal should be seen in the context of the aims and objectives set out in the organisation’s strategic plan. Individual forward job plans should reflect these aims and objectives and provide the information on which performance appraisal is based. An individual forward job plan is a formal document outlining key performance targets for the coming year and any training requirements agreed between the staff member and his or her line manager.

Marketing and Sales, Performance appraisalIt is good practice to carry out a formal annual appraisal of staff performance. This appraisal should be conducted by the line manager with the support of the personnel department, and it should result in a formal record. Appraisal should be followed up by the production of an individual forward job plan, agreed between the line manager and the member of staff, setting out six or so key performance targets for the coming year and any related training requirements. The individual forward job plan should be kept under review throughout the year. It may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement and will provide the evidence on which the next performance appraisal is based.

The individual's forward job plan should be similar to the appraisal form, except that the key performance targets should be set out in full. The performance markings should be replaced by training needs and support from the line manager.

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Appraisal Reports are probably best kept as a separate series. The summary on the personnel file should simply record the overall performance mark, the mark on suitability for promotion and the long-term potential mark. Appraisal reports should be retained by the personnel department for 3 to 5 years at most. Forward job plans should also be destroyed as soon as their immediate value is passed.

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