Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Induction and Initial Training

A new member of staff requires an induction to the job and to the organisation. The time will vary according to the role, from a few hours to several weeks.

They will also require initial training - learning the specific skills of the job rather than familiarisation with the organisation.

Electronic records management

induction and initial trainingResponsibility for keeping induction and initial training records should be jointly carried out by the immediate line manager and the personnel department. These records serve various purposes. At their simplest, they can be used to confirm that all new staff have completed their induction and training and how well they have done. They can also be used to assess the effectiveness of the induction process and to introduce improvements where appropriate. The induction record should be placed on the personnel file along with the application form and the letter of appointment.

The induction and initial training process is the opportunity for the organisation to inform the workers about its policies and procedures. For example, workers need to be told about how they should use the organisation's email system, limits on browsing the Internet , health and safety,  and other areas of risk.

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