Electronic Personnel Records – Education, Training and Development

training and developmentAs appropriate, staff should be provided with opportunities for further education, training in new skills and professional development.

Where possible, education and training should be carried out in conjunction with the staff member’s particular Forward Job Plan. The personnel department should monitor the results. Comments should be noted on the personnel file and entered in a skills register. The register should be organised by skills, followed by the names of staff who have acquired them and the level obtained.

Attendance at overseas education and training courses usually requires approval from the central agency and the employing department. A bond may be required, whereby the person agrees that in exchange for training, he or she will undertake to work for the employer for a specific period of time upon return from studying. It is wise to monitor the training process closely to ensure staff complete the course and return to their post within the allotted time.

Electronic records management

A skills register should be established if there is not one in use. Abstracts of education, training and development courses attended and their results should be placed on the personnel file.

A separate series of correspondence files on overseas education and training should be kept in the civil service department and in the employing departments.

Records issues

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