Electronic Personnel Records – Death in Service

death in serviceDeath in service primarily affects next of kin.

Widows and widowers may be eligible for pensions or death insurance. Children below the age of majority may be entitled to specific benefits until they reach a specified age.

Ex gratia payments may be considered in some circumstances, for example where the death may have been brought about by poor working conditions or an unforeseeable accident.

In addition the employer may be liable for a statutory payment under health and safety legislation.

For employees who were working on secondment or have been transferred to another office, you may need to consider repatriation of their body together with additional expenses for their families to travel home.

Electronic records management

In the event of a death while the person was in service, the staff list should be amended and all relevant departments informed. The personnel department should maintain up-to-date and accurate records of next of kin and their name, address and telephone number, in order to communicate with them in the event of an emergency or incident.

Records issues

Further information

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