Electronic Personnel Records – Staff Policies and Procedures

All organisations should develop staff policies and procedures which include guidelines for hiring or dismissal, for standards of work, and so on ...

Many of these policies may be interlinked with other organisational policies and guidelines. These guidelines will usually be codified and consolidated in the form of a personnel manual or in some cases, standing orders or regulations for use by personnel officers and to inform staff members of their rights and obligations.

More organisations are now allowing their staff and contractors to use their business systems and networks for sending emails, browsing the Internet and using social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Protecting the organisation against loss of business confidential information and staff against online abuse are just two important reasons why organisations must put in place appropriate policies and procedures.

Electronic records management

staff policies and proceduresStaff policies and procedures cover a wide range of issues, e.g. the kinds of behaviour encouraged and discouraged, pay negotiations with trade unions, revisions to job and pay grading structures, policies on recruitment.

Personnel Policy records are normally based upon position papers and reports. Unlike the records concerning individual staff members, these records relate to overall management and so would not be filed in individual personnel files.

Personnel policy records are therefore kept separately from individual files.

Records issues

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