Daniel Dresner Profile

Daniel is a lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. He leads the University’s activity in Cybersecurity and co-created IASME – information assurance for small to medium sized business.

Daniel and a colleague from University of Worcester created the IASME programme which was chosen as the best cyber security standard for small businesses by BIS and CESG, leading Daniel to contribute to the Cyber Essentials. He bridges the academic-practitioner divide making research practical and the approach to information and cyber security rigorous. He’s taught over 1000 students and supervised over 40 masters projects.

Daniel is a visiting lecturer at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and Curriculum Manager for the CPNI-led Trustworthy Software Initiative. Daniel’s publications include books on information security and risk, and papers on the three laws of information and cyber security. He created the core of BS 7799 training material for the SANS Institute in 2003.

Daniel’s PhD was awarded for his study of standards and the mitigation of risk in information systems (2011) ‘ a method for detecting the human vulnerabilities in network security and a unique approach to security awareness. This became Business Link’s IT Risk Assessment and Guidance Tool.

He has written the Green Surf Code for children and recently written a Cyber Resilience Guide for local government. He also participated in the EU-Commission backed DigiChampz Initiative alongside E RADAR and the Digital Policy Alliance