Nominet consults on new top level domain names for Wales

dot-wales-cymru-domain-nameNominet, the UK's Internet  domain name registry has launched a public consultation on proposals for the new internet domains for Wales; .cymru and .wales.

The consultation sets out a range of proposals for how the new domains should be launched and managed.  Feedback is being sought on a number of areas including:

  • Whether there should be any link between .wales and .cymru domain names and if so, how such a connection might operate.
  • If registrations should be open to all or restricted to only those with a Welsh address.
  • The approach to managing domain names in Welsh.
  • Proposals for the launch of the new domain name spaces, including the approach to trade marks and other rights.

The full consultation document is available at  The consultation closes on 28 February 2013.

If you would like any further information you can contact the project team at [email protected].