Cyber Law Tracker

What you need to know about cyber laws.

Knowing what laws and regulations affect your online business, and how to comply with them, reduces the risk of litigation, fines, compensation claims and other legal and management costs. It may even keep you from going to prison.

What is the Cyber Law Tracker?

It’s essential you keep up-to-date with current laws and regulations affecting your online business. E RADAR’s Cyber Law Tracker provides business investors, top managers, project teams and other digital professionals with a helpful reference tool on relevant rules impacting upon organisations enabled electronically.

E RADAR’s Cyber Law Tracker aims to save you time and money by providing you with a trusted resource. We currently reference over 400 laws and regulations. These include a summary of the law, its impact upon the organisation, and steps you can take to get further help and advice. We update the Cyber Law Tracker whenever changes in the law occur.

Benefits to your Business

The Cyber Law Tracker is a unique low-cost service.

  • Cost-effective – For less than the cost of 15 minutes legal time a month) – keep track of the number of relevant UK laws and regulations that are applicable to your organisation.
  • Avoid hefty fines – by keeping up-to-date with relevant legislation, you can avoid lawsuits and fines.
  • One stop shop – our online services point to all the information and references you need to get compliant.
  • Easy to deploy
  • Contains all the critical statutory and regulatory documents in one place– saving time, hassle and cost of trying to track them down and make sense of them all.

Return on Investment

A lawyer would be needed for at least 2 hours a month. At £150 an hour for the lawyer the Cyber Law Tracker will save you £255 a month, giving an ROI of 300% +.

If you take into account the fines, compensation claims and litigation costs that your organisation will avoid then the ROI goes off the scale.