MyCyberRisk™ is E RADAR's premium online subscription service packed with help, advice and tips on how to manage your risks when doing business online.

A compliance project and risk management platform to help you identify and deal with the threats and challenges facing your online business, MyCyberRisk™ is a 'One Stop Shop' designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, top managers and digital professionals. All looking to make sure they do not fall foul of the law, regulators or lose competitive advantage.

MyCyberRisk™ focuses on the interaction between business strategy, risk and compliance. Through a collaborative enterprise risk management platform we give you the risk tools to help protect your business, brand and reputation.

You can also link MyCyberRisk™ with our e learning modules to help reduce the costs of training your staff on digital compliance.

Benefits of subscribing

  • Manage your compliance responsibilities using our interactive platform
  • Find out all you need to know about electronic business, the opportunities and the risks.
  • Stay informed about the latest laws, regulations, standards and good practice.
  • Save time and money by having all the resources you need in one place.
  • Take the right decisions quickly using peer group knowledge and experience.
  • Be smarter in the boardroom when briefing colleagues and decision makers.
  • Have more confidence when managing your project and business teams.
  • Identify, understand and manage the risks which may damage your organisation’s reputation.
  • Get competitive and collaborative advantage when trading online.
  • Stay in control and keep one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Connect and share ideas with like-minded professionals looking for help, advice and guidance.
  • Get updates and insights on the latest legal and regulatory developments and how these impact upon your digital business.
  • Get trusted, independent and unbiased advice on products and services.
  • Be more efficient at work and play.
  • Use our fantastic, easy-to-use online features to help you get the most out of doing business electronically.