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E RADAR Monitoring and Scrutiny Service

Just keeping up-to-date with changes in the law, new regulations and the latest government policies concerning information society and the digital economy is a constant headache for organizations both large and small.

Doing business online is big business and important business. In consequence, lawmakers, regulators and policy developers are constantly active across a broad spectrum of e-business related issues including telecoms infrastructure, e-contracting, data protection, information assurance, and many more.

And knowing what's on the radar and being able to engage directly at the earliest opportunity could be invaluable. Anticipating when new policies are being introduced, why and how can add significant value to the business bottom line and demonstrate a real return on investment.

Digital Policy Monitor

E RADAR's Digital Policy monitor allows you to track stay informed and one step ahead of your competitors. We actively track the latest EU and UK government announcements and policy updates using our automated software. You'd pay thousands of pounds for a similar service with the large publishing organisations.

You can access E RADAR's service at a fraction of the cost and as part of our standard subscription service.

Standard subscription

By taking out a standard subscription you'll also get:

  • Access to E RADAR Digital Research Labs, our intellectual platform. Our Digital Research Labs contain over 1,000 articles about IT governance, compliance and best practice when doing business online;
  • E RADAR's Cyber Law Tracker, featuring a check list of UK IT laws and regulations, EU instruments and US legislation.
  • Updates on the latest public consultations;
  • Briefings in over 20 legal policy themes;
  • E Adoption Risk Ladder which takes your business on a journey to compliance based upon the level of its online presence.
  • Specialist legal templates for your online business.
  • Preferred terms dictionary
  • Industry statistics and other invaluable resources to help you and your organisation navigate through the legal and regulatory minefield.

The Digital Policy Monitor will keep you updated on what's happening right now on issues affecting your online business.

Find out more about E RADAR subscriptions...

Want a bespoke monitoring service?

We also offer a bespoke monitoring service for organisations. No need to search for what's new. Our exclusive daily active information push service includes:

  • An afternoon bulletin of the top news stories that day.
  • Contact details for Political correspondents in the Media (newspapers, magazines, broadcasting).
  • Notice of upcoming relevant consultations.
  • Political news updates and important announcements as they happen.
  • 'What's New' updates from Government departments.
  • Notification and supply of Select Committee Reports.
  • Review of forthcoming Government proposals and legislation.
  • Daily European Parliament press review.
  • A monthly or bimonthly retrospective round-up of all of the above.
  • Regular service update and review meetings, at a frequency to be determined by the client.

Our Bespoke Service also includes:

  • Detailed analysis of forthcoming legislation and preparation of draft responses to Government consultations.
  • Attendance at Select Committees.
  • Web-based campaigns.
  • Facilitating round-table discussions with key influencers and policy-makers either alone, or as part of a delegation.

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