Mobile Workforce, Mobile Revolution

This infographic on Mobile Workforce, Mobile Revolution sets out the challenges in deploying mobile technology across the enterprise.

More and more organisations are now allowing their members of staff to use their own personal mobile devices whilst at work.  Companies are now developing their own a strategy for supporting consumer smartphones and tablets stand to gain significant benefits.

Mobile consumer devices make it easier for employees to choose when and where to get their work done — and those conveniences can lead to higher productivity. In addition, research shows that workers use their smartphones to build customer relationships and stay connected to social media. With the right training, each one of those always-connected workers could become a brand evangelist on the social networks.

The companies that adapt quickly to IT consumerization — the migration of consumer technology into enterprise computing environments — will likely be better positioned to attract the best talent, execute business objectives faster and stay in touch with their customers’ wants and needs.

But they do come with their own risks as well. Check out our boardroom briefing 


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