EU Data Protection Reform – A ‘Demented’ Set Of Regulations?

EU Data Protection Reform – A ‘Demented’ Set Of Regulations?

Plans to update data protection laws in Europe are facing increasing criticism from members of the European Parliament, with one UK commentator calling the draft proposals “a completely demented set of regulations.” But Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding remains adamant that her proposals should become law and has even accused the UK Government of introducing additional complexities. […]

Educational institutions and hacking: lessons learned

Illegal hacking into an organisation’s online information systems is on the increase and no organisation is safe, including educational institutions. This year North West State College in Florida revealed that hackers stole personal data from employee files leading to identity theft. As many as 2,200 employees could have been affected. The risks for educational establishments […]

Social Media in Corporate Crises?

Effective ‘tweeting’ is something you’re born with; either you get Twitter or you don’t. Lawyer Jonathan Armstrong discusses his recent experiences of travel delays and flooding across Britain. How did the companies concerned respond to complaints from customers over Twitter? Should organisations get ultra corporate when dealing with complaints? Or should they show a sense […]