Limitation Act 1980

The UK Limitation Act 1980 consolidates the Limitation Acts 1939 to 1980 and is relevant to IT professionals because of data retention.

The Limitation Act 1980 is used as a base-line for retaining hard copy or electronic records - 6 years. Within this time period, you must start most contractual and negligence claims through the civil courts or tribunals. One of the challenges for IT managers is to ensure that technology allows electronic records to be accessed easily. For example, can you access records held on the cloud? Do you have a microfiche reader to access records stored in this way?

Subject to any sector or industry specific requirements, companies can establish their own data retention policies. Computerised records are now fully acceptable in civil courts under the Civil Evidence Act 1995, and in criminal courts under the Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence Act 1999.

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Limitation Act 1980