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Regulation of anti-competitive behaviour: anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominant market position.

Use of audio and visual media files, for example podcasts and video streams. Includes broadcasting and advertising.

Investment in and deployment of universal next generation broadband.

Business openness, fairness and transparency, allowing consumers to have choice.

Accounting and auditing across organisations for financial reporting.

Processing and securing data concerning living people.

Breaking down barriers to sale of good and services cross border

Preventing cybercrime and cyber terrorism; resilience; securing information and networks.

Delivering public services by knowing who people are. Combating crime and fraud.

E Procurement, supplying government and the public sector

Financial markets and financial operation of today's online economy

Regulation of online gambling and protection of the vulnerable

Green computing, smarter energy consumption, recycling and carbon reduction

Copyright, trade marks and registered designs

Network neutrality, IPv6 and other technical challenges

Freedom of information, the re-use of public sector information and related issues

Frequency allocation, spectrum auctions and related issues

Public revenue collection, imports and exports