IT Contract: Systems and Network Infrastructure

An IT contract forms the basis of any business relationship between the customer and supplier of information technology products and services. 

Most organisations now use outside contractors to create, develop and operate their business systems and networks. Cloud computing technology has also enabled organisations to

Outsourcing is big business, so it is important that organisations understands the risks involved in engaging with 3rd parties and takes appropriate steps to protect their investment and reduce liability.

For avoidance of doubt and any potential legal action if something goes wrong the IT contract for developing a website should set out clear terms for both the customer and supplier. Not only will the contract help to manage customer expectations but it will help web designers and developers to negotiate on price.

What information should the IT contract contain?

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The IT contract should bring together all the important systems, networks, applications and service requirements of business users. These include design, functionality, installation and support.

Some business considerations to discuss before agreeing to any IT contract should include:

  • Governance - who owns responsibility and for what;
  • Research and development;
  • Defining the business problem;
  • Implementing a communications strategy;
  • Selecting fit-for purpose telecoms, business applications and software products;
  • Identifying people competent to deliver;
  • Licensing; and
  • Demonstrating a return on investment.

Contract formalities

The IT contract should always be in writing, signed and witnessed by all relevant parties, and a copy retained by each.

Types of infrastructure contract

  • Transaction Processing

E RADAR IT contract templates

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