Government Consults On Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy

The UK Government has published a new consultation to help set out a digital communications infrastructure strategy over the next 10 -15 years.

The Strategy will look at what digital communications infrastructure is needed in the UK to maintain our position as a world class digital nation. The Strategy will also consider what needs to be done by Government, industry and others to put this digital communications infrastructure in place.

The consultation document is not a draft strategy and does not present specific policy proposals. Instead we want you to send us views on:

  • The role of Government;
  • Scenarios of possible future user demand and technological developments;
  • How the regulatory framework could change to maintain competition and to facilitate provision of infrastructure to meet demand;
  • The scale of private investment required, and by when and by whom.

The consultation proposes that Government, industry, the regulator and users will need to share responsibility for meeting these challenges. The consultation also asks what action may be needed from each to provide digital communications infrastructure fit for a leading digital economy.

The Government plans to publish responses received from organisations to this consultation on after the consultation period has closed.

E RADAR's Will Roebuck said

"Despite government already investing heavily in superfast broadband, large tracts of the United Kingdom remain without fast and reliable digital communications. This means local businesses, communities and individuals still struggle to benefit from the opportunities created by the digital economy."

"5G and 6G are today's buzzwords for faster and more reliable mobile broadband. Let's ensure that everyone can get online, no matter where they live or work in the UK. We also need to build upon our 'digital' entrepreneurial skills so that UK businesses can remain competitive across global markets."

"We don't want to waste too much time just thinking about it either. The cyber economy is a fast place. Other countries will get the competitive edge if we let them!"

The closing date for responses is October 1st 2014.

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