Google Project Re: Brief to Revolutionize Digital Advertising

Technological and creative experts are looking back to iconic moments of the past to reshape the way advertising is strategized today.

Since the advent of the Internet, digital marketing has grown into obnoxious pop up ads and overlooked website banner ads to clever social media marketing techniques. Now, Google continues that evolution by releasing the advertising experiment and documentary Google Project Re: Brief.

I'm always interested in finding new advertising techniques. As we become more exposed to behavioural advertising and social media marketing, traditional web advertising can begin to look tired. Who'd have thought that 10 years ago!

Advertising Reimagined

Google Project, Online Advertising, Social Media MarketingTo set up the Google Project Re: Brief, top art directors and copywriters from the golden age of television were asked to reimagine and draw upon their most successful campaigns for the digital age. In doing so, Google hoped these creative individuals would prove that past, iconic advertising concepts can enhance the future of online advertising. Selected commercials included favorites for Coke, Alka-Seltzer, Volvo and Avis. While newer versions of these classic commercials were adapted to reflect the new era of online browsing, they still retained basic elements that had made them so successful in the first place — chiefly, genuine human emotions viewers feel while watching their favorite advertisements.

Award-Winning Documentary

Google's little case study concluded, and the information was gathered, processed and displayed in a one-hour documentary film. Directed by Emmy-winning creative genius Doug Pray, the documentary film's debut received wide acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival.  The film is now available on the Google Re: Brief website and YouTube. According to Google's blog, the documentary shares the creative process behind animated videos and digital ads — how "'old school' advertising legends and technologists" observe the "iconic campaigns of yesterday" to reinvent online advertising of today.

A Creative Revolution

The big question: will the campaign will have any lasting effects? Will online advertising develop into a brand-new superior medium as a result of Google Re: Brief? Or will obnoxious pop up ads still be the way to go? Critics argue that online advertising already lives in a new age of originality. All Google Re: Brief has done is prance in and take credit. Naysayers point to the 2010 Old Spice YouTube campaign as proof that Internet advertising already made great strides before Google Re: Brief arrived on the scene.

Okay, but Google Re: Brief actually performed a valuable service. When masterminds meet for a task at hand, outcomes are inspirational and innovative — memorable. Since Google's campaign, online marketing efforts from a wide array of businesses market toward excellence. Whether or not digital advertising innovation is a direct result of Google Re: Brief, it's what the legendary techies and creatives hoped for.

Despite the constantly changing technological landscape, the basic tenets of storytelling remain the same. A truly successful commercial shares a story that's engaging, immersive and emotive, explains the experiment's Product Marketing Manager Aman Govil. Early online advertising failed to tell stories about and humanize a pitched product. With evocation, "timeless advertising wisdom," and cutting-edge technological innovation, digital advertising evolves. New-age advertising has the potential to captivate consumers and make an everlasting impact, whether consumers watch commercials on the tube through a package or connect with a banner ad while surfing the Web on their tablet.


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