US Federal Trade Commission settles Google competition case

In the first of E RADAR's articles looking at what's trending in the laws of cyber space for 2013 we take a look at the current US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation into Google with transatlantic specialist lawyers Eric Synod and Jonathan Armstrong.

The FTC case against Google that the number one website company has flouted competition rules in the smart phones, games, tablet and online search markets appears to have been settled with a Google promise to allow competitors reasonable terms on patents for these popular markets.  Google is also going to provide greater flexibility for advertisers to manage their Adwords campaigns using Google's advertising platform and not misappropriate content from vertical sites that target specific categories, for example travel.

The FTC has launched a further investigation into whether Google has biased some of the search results to the detriment of vertical sites but is no longer probing into whether the company entered into anti-competitive agreements for the distribution of search in desktop and mobile devices. The FTC has stated though that Google did use aggressive tactics against rival search engine companies but this was not itself a breach of Competition rules.

Lawyers Jonathan Armstrong and Eric Sinrod from Duane Morris LLP discuss their views in their latest Tech Law 10 transatlantic podcast.