ebXML – global language for e-business

ebXML (Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language) is a modular suite of specifications that enables enterprises of any size and in any geographical location to conduct business over the Internet. Using ebXML, organisations have a standard method to exchange business messages, conduct trading relationships, communicate data in common terms and define and register business processes.

Value of ebXML

Provides the only globally developed open XML-based Standard built on a rich heritage of electronic business experience. ebXML

  • creates a Single Global Electronic Market
  • enables all parties irrespective of size to engage in Internet-based electronic business. Provides for plug and play shrink-wrapped solutions.
  • enables parties to complement and extend current EC/EDI investment expand electronic business to new and existing trading partners.
  • facilitates convergence of current and emerging XML efforts.



ebXML was started in 1999 as an initiative of OASIS and the United Nations/ECE agency CEFACT. The original project envisioned and delivered five layers of substantive data specification, including XML standards for:

  • Business processes
  • Core data components
  • Collaboration protocol agreements
  • Messaging
  • Registries and repositories


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