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The Internet and social media are transforming our lives in ways which were never deemed possible just a decade ago. Today, we are all empowered to write news, influence events, and be part of a growing online community providing rich content to help make our own individual lives that much more fulfilling.

For example, it's truly remarkable that: grandparents can see and talk to their grandchildren thousands of miles away in real time; communities can come together to clean up after local rioting; the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games reached an estimated global audience of 4.8 billion; and businesses in the remotest parts of the country get online to find new international markets.

Sure, there is a downside which comes with any social interaction, but the strengths and opportunities from the Internet Age far outweigh the seedy actions of a few. Access to to the super information highway has fast become a human right, a right which I blogged about just a few days ago in The 10 Commandments of the Internet Age.

We've now had over fifteen years of the 'commercial' Internet where organisations have taken up the baton of doing business electronically en masse across open public networks. Today, we have a better idea of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from electronic communications, and we now need to get smarter in how we apply this knowledge we have learned.


I set up E RADAR to empower business owners, commercial investors and top managers with straight forward, good quality information about the risks of doing business online. There's plenty of information out there and some excellent websites. But, there's a load of crap information out there too! E RADAR aims to distinguish good from bad and bring the good stuff together onto one website - a 'one-stop shop' for online professionals. E RADAR is about having quality information rather than too much of it. We want to save you time, money and other resources by helping you to prioritise what's important to you and your online business.

We promote an enabling legal and regulatory environment to support enterprise, competition and innovation across the whole online economy, building trust and confidence for everyone.

What's the problem?

Legal uncertainty

Today's organisations are struggling to understand the complete e-contracting/procurement life-cycle that underpins the basic economic principle of supply and demand. For example, complex issues exist around orchestrating, signing, executing and recording transactions electronically from start to finish while enforcing business rules to reduce errors and ensure full regulatory and audit compliance.

Assurance of information, people, processes and technology is fundamental to the success of the life-cycle. This can only be achieved through the collaboration of all supply and demand chain partners, including government and other non-commercial participants. Use of IT across the organisation plays a leading role in bringing all these concepts together.


Doing business over the Internet or through other online technologies opens onto a world of opportunity but also onto a world of risk. The more online your organisation becomes, the more risks it faces. Laws and regulations should provide certainty around which you can build your online business using governance and compliance tools, but often the reality is very different.

Understanding the online legal and regulatory environment is everybody's business, not just the lawyers. E RADAR provides basic and more advanced governance, risk and compliance tools to suit the needs of everyone in the organisation.

Keeping up-to-date

How do you know what you need to know about laws and regulations? Where do you find the information, how long will it take me, and how much will it cost?

E RADAR monitors public policy, including laws and regulations, standards and best practice to ensure that you get the latest intelligence at a reasonable cost.

Information assurance

Information is plenty and free across the Internet, but can you trust it and how do you measure its value to your business?

E RADAR only sources, collates and analyses information from trusted networks ie. recognised authorities and specialists. We also ensure that information is written down clearly, in plain English for a non-legal, non-technical audience.

Lack of empirical data

We need case studies to illustrate the potential and real impact of laws and regulations upon the business.

E RADAR provides business networking tools and opportunities to share thought-leadership and best practice, as well as opportunities to discuss concerns with policy-makers at the earliest opportunity when dialogue is most valuable.

What does E RADAR do?

E RADAR is a trusted, independent platform where participants can come together to learn, discuss, debate and evaluate as part of their decision-making on governance, compliance and risk. We provide a knowledge vault, interactive business networking channels, consultancy and training services to support all organisations transacting electronically, across every sector.

E RADAR is unique. Our overall aim is to take organisations on a governance and compliance journey that builds certainty and trust which leads to new markets, more customers and a better business.

E RADAR focuses on the legal and regulatory challenges facing the whole online supply and demand chain. E RADAR represents participants who want to come together in order to share thought-leadership and good practice.


Our mission is to promote global online competitiveness, enterprise, and innovation through good governance and compliance. We are a customer-driven company dedicated to promoting value by developing, maintaining and enhancing working relationships with all stakeholders.


Our philosophy is simple smart

  • Be the very best at what we do;
  • Customer first, all else will follow;
  • Be professional and polite at all times;
  • Take pride in and value our work;
  • Respect the environment and people around us;
  • Have fun

Further information

Check out our new interactive website at www.eradar.eu