Walls have ears, social walls listen!

As E RADAR launches its latest online tool to help businesses stay up-to-date with the plethora of laws, regulations, standards and best practice out there in cyber space, guest blogger Jemon Harnad gives it the 'once over' and reports back...

I once told a dinner date I worked in IT governance. Couldn't see him for dust and I never saw him again!

These days I'm more circumspect. Governance and legal compliance is hardly a sexy subject for most but fact is they're two priority business challenges in today's era of super information digital economy. Indeed, laws and regulations are certainly no longer the preserve of lawyers but part of the business fabric where everyone's responsible for the organisation' success, top down.

More so when you consider recent cases of defamation over social media websites such as Twitter. Suddenly, we're no longer just responsible... we're accountable too!

Interactive social wall

social wallBut where do you look for relevant information and how do you get the message across?

E RADAR's new Social Wall is a clever device that brings the issues to you - all in one place! And if you want more, it tells you exactly where to look. People lead busy lives and want good information quickly. The Social Wall does this for you - a one-stop shop focused on governance, legal compliance and commercial risk across e-business, social media and digital technology.

Best of all, it's free.

Referencing around 20 overarching killer themes the Social Wall looks, feels and acts good. It streams in news, debate and opinion from a variety of trusted sources via leading social media websites such as Twitter, Pin Interest, YouTube, and Facebook. This is just great for law firms, IT companies and industry specialists who want another outlet to showcase their own thought-leadership and best practice. And it saves an awful lot of hassle for users like me who just want to stay informed and one-step ahead.

You've got to hand it to the E RADAR team - they're on the ball and clearly want to make a difference. Cue entrepreneurs, top managers, commercial decision makers as well as legal and compliance specialists who are looking for diligence and business support that bit different. Will Roebuck and his team are redefining how we manage big data across social and information networks in a much more thoughtful, relevant and useful way. They're brusquely aware of the enormous challenges that come with next generation web 3.0. But if the team keeps on innovating like this we'll all be better off for having a reliable, dynamic source of good business intelligence that puts the online user firmly in control.

Circumspection is magic. My dinner dates now comprise of one husband and two young children where IT governance is often discussed. For example, parental controls on Internet browsers are a very good thing!

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