Data Management Principle 7 – Standard Data language

"Data should be defined consistently through the organisation, and the definitions are understandable and available to all users" 

Both unstructured and structured data must have a common definition throughout the organisation to enable sharing of data.

A common vocabulary will facilitate communications, enable dialogue to be effective and facilitate interoperability of systems.


The organisation must establish a common vocabulary for the business. The definitions will be used uniformly throughout the organisation.

Whenever a new data definition is required, the definition effort will be co-ordinated and reconciled with the corporate "glossary" of data descriptions. If appropriate, the organisation should set up an internal group to govern this co-ordination.

Ambiguities resulting from multiple parochial definitions of data must at worst be mapped as ‘non-preferred terms’ to a ‘preferred term’, and at best give way to accepted enterprise-wide definitions and understanding.

Multiple data standardization initiatives need to be co-ordinated.

Functional data administration responsibilities must be assigned.

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