Data Management Principle 10 – Data decisions give benefit to the organisation

"A spirit and culture of collaboration and the sharing of data, information and knowledge for the greater corporate good should support all data decisions, especially relating to the selection and prioritisation of programmes, projects and their approval points." 

This principle embodies "service above self". Data decisions made from an enterprise-wide perspective have greater long-term value than decisions made from any particular departmental perspective. Maximum return on investment (ROI) requires information management decisions to adhere to enterprise-wide drivers and priorities. No minority group will detract from the benefit of the whole.

However, this principle will not preclude any minority group from getting its job done.

Implications for data decisions

  • Achieving maximum enterprise-wide benefit will require changes in the way we plan and manage information. Technology alone will not bring about this change.
  • Some departments may have to concede their own preferences for the greater benefit of the entire enterprise.
  • Application development priorities should be established by the entire enterprise for the entire enterprise.
  • Application components should be shared across departmental boundaries.
  • As needs arise, priorities must be adjusted. A forum with comprehensive enterprise representation should make these data decisions.

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