Cyber Risk Management

E RADAR's E Adoption Risk Ladder is a compliance and cyber risk management tool for measuring the levels of e adoption and risk for organisations enabled electronically. The risk ladder takes a step by step approach to help you understand the different levels of information and communications technology (ICT) adoption that can enable your cyber business, and identifies the associated risks that go with e adoption.

From an organisation going online for the first time through developing an ICT strategy to full e-business integration, the E Adoption Risk Ladder shows you what compliance actions you need to take.

Doing business electronically is complicated business. This is made more difficult by the plethora of rules and regulations which apply to processes, technology, people and information.

And not just in one country. Suppliers of goods and services are finding themselves subject to different laws and regulations in whichever country they do business online. Increased globalisation means that companies often have subsidiaries in many different parts of the world where local rules also apply.

There are additional problems. Differences in local culture, language, legal systems often create barriers to doing cross border e-commerce and managing online risk.

The law is no longer just the domain of lawyers. Everyone in the organisation has a duty of responsibility towards the organisations they work for. The more e-enabled your organisation is, the greater the risks become.

Cyber Risk Management

Business integration into the cyber world is one of evolution. Organisations take a succession of steps to get information and business systems online before doing any business over the Internet. As information and communications technology develops so too does the level of online sophistication companies have. How to set up a cyber risk management strategy is an important part of complying with rules and regulations.

Social media and mobile enterprise are fast becoming the 'new ways of doing things'. For today's businesses to compete in open global markets and collaborate with partners large and small they need to show that they've adopted certain levels of compliance.

E Adoption Risk Ladder

With this in mind, E RADAR has developed an online reference tool which helps entrepreneurs, business owners and top managers navigate through the minefield of cyber laws, regulations, standards and best practice. The Digital Professionals Almanac is fast becoming a one stop shop to find out what you really need to know as an online business.

And E RADAR's E Adoption Risk Ladder, just one section in the Almanac, provides you with all the compliance reference tools which will help you, your teams and organisation achieve your cyber compliance goals. The ladder examines the different steps organisations usually take when taking up the opportunities and benefits of the digital economy: from obtaining a broadband provider and setting up information databases, through sending email and allowing employees to work over the Internet, to having their own website, doing e commerce and mobile commerce, and eventually achieving fully-integrated e business.