Culture Media and Sport (DCMS)

culture media and sportThe Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) works to make sure the communications, creative, media, cultural, tourism, sport and leisure economies have the framework to grow and have real impact on people’s lives.

Culture Media and Sport creates the conditions for growth by removing barriers, providing strategic direction and supporting innovation and creativity.

Through DCMS, the public funds: our cultural heritage, free access to world-class cultural institutions, art that challenges and provokes, the BBC, the sporting stars of the future. DCMS wants everyone to be able to enjoy our national culture, play sport and have access to effective communications.

Media and communications

Britain’s media industries are changing. By making sure press, digital, broadcast and mobile services are available to all and responsibly managed, the UK government will encourage and support a thriving sector

What we're doing to make sure our free and innovative communications industry can contribute to the economy.

How we're helping the media and creative industries by providing incentives and taking away red tape.

How we're making sure homes and businesses in the UK can access fast and reliable broadband services.