Consumer Protection Online Business Guidance

Trust and confidence is a major concern for online users. When customers cannot meet you face to face and the deals are done through Internet portals and websites, it is absolutely essential that you, as the supplier create the right impression online from click one. 

Law and policy makers consider consumers - those who purchase goods and services in a private capacity, such as a householder or student - to be at a bargaining disadvantage. It's certainly rare for an individual consumer to be able to negotiate the terms of a contract before purchasing an item. Online, it's more a case of them clicking to agree on your standard terms and conditions which many people tend not to read.

Below you can find E RADAR's updated list of consumer protection guidance to help you and your business understand the consumer protection rules. The guidance includes sale of goods and services, extended warranties, mergers and acquisitions, consumer credit, anti-money laundering and business scams, amongst others.

Competition and Markets Authority

The information has been updated following the merger of the Office of Fair Trading and Competition Commission into the new Competition and Markets authority.

Fair treatment of consumers

Sale of Goods

Competing Fairly

Consumer credit


Financial services