Competition Commission (CC)

Competitive AdvantageThe Competition Commission (CC) is an independent public body which helps to ensure healthy competition between companies in the UK for the ultimate benefit of consumers and the economy. It conducts in-depth investigations into mergers and markets and also has certain functions with regard to the major regulated industries.

The CC does not initiate inquiries independently. All its activities are undertaken following a reference to it by another authority

  • Mergers are referred for investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) or, sometimes, the Secretary of State.
  • Market investigations may be referred by the OFT, sector regulators (for markets falling within their sectoral jurisdictions) or the Secretary of State.
  • Reviews of merger/market investigation remedies may be referred by the OFT.
  • Regulatory references and appeals can be made by the sector regulators in gas, electricity, energy, water and sewerage, railways, airports and postal services.

The Competition Commission is currently under review pending a proposed merger with the Office of Fair Trading