Civil Evidence Act 1995

The Civil Evidence Act 1995 provides for the admissibility of hearsay evidence, the proof of certain documentary evidence and the admissibility and proof of official actuarial tables in civil proceedings...

The Civil Evidence Act 1995 affects process controls impacting on evidential record-keeping are required to support legal admissibility of evidence, including electronic images and documents, in civil courts. You may need to show that a particular computer was being used regularly, was supplied regularly with information of the sort from which the document in question was derived and was operating properly.

Legal admissibility issues

  • No information policy document;
  • Inappropriate security controls;
  • Lack of procedural documentation;
  • Insufficient control on document input procedures;
  • Insufficient information about the technology from the system supplier;
  • Use of inappropriate facilities, such as image clean-up;
  • No thought of future migration requirements;
  • A lack of documentation on audit trails and access procedures


Civil Evidence Act 1995