BYOD Policy – What’s holding you back?

The first of E RADAR's flagship digital business summits is taking place in Manchester next week with discussion and debate on the opportunities and threats with mobile enterprise and mobile working.

Top speakers from industry, government and academia will challenge delegates with 6 hours of back to back seminars on the key issues that matter. Keynote speaker is Iain Bourne, Group Manager, Policy Delivery, UK Information Commissioner's Office.

And already delegates are firing the questions that aren't being answered elsewhere. For example, what does an SME need to do in order to disclose relevant mobile data when faced with a claim for unfair dismissal? Will the digital evidence stack up?

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - is a particular worry for entrepreneurs, business owners and top managers. Staff using their own information and communications tools whilst at work may save the organisation money by reducing hardware spend. But the threat of business-confidential data leaking onto the Internet and social media sites is just too much to bear for some!

Especially now the UK Information Commissioner can fine you up to £0.5 million for a serious breach of data protection! And with mandatory reporting of data breaches in the pipeline via new EU proposals, now is the time to get smart about setting up and managing your BYOD Policy.

richard absalom, byod

Richard Absalom

So, what's holding you back? Ovum's Senior Analyst Richard Absalom will examine the impact that mobile devices and applications designed for consumers are having on the corporate environment.

Richard will identify the challenges and opportunities it creates for both the enterprise and supply-side vendors, define the vendor competitive landscape, and provide best-practice recommendations for enterprises and vendors alike. Richard hopes to stimulate discussion and debate on what's holding you back from setting up a BYOD policy across your company.

And for those of you who already have a policy in place, we're looking forward to hearing how you did it! All proceedings carried out under the Chatham House Rule, of course!

But we're also interested to hear from those of you who aren't able to attend the summit next week. We'll be tweeting long and hard via Twitter and other social media over the next week as well as on the day of the Summit. Just follow the discussions using (hashtag) #MANCSRADAR!

Speakers List

The full speaker's list for the summit

  • Will Roebuck, E RADAR ()
  • Ian Jones, DelegateCentral ();
  • Dr Daniel Dresner, Dresner Associates and E RADAR ();
  • Dai Davis, Percy Crow Davis & Co;
  • Dr Mahmood Shah, Institute of International Business, Lancashire Business School ();
  • Simon Cattlin, E RADAR Trustee ();
  • Phil Durbin, Salvation Army;
  • Keith Cottenden, CYO4 ();
  • Duncan Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe Insurance ();
  • Richard Absalom, Ovum ()
  • Iain Bourne, UK Information Commissioner's Office ()

The flagship summit will be coming to London and Birmingham early next year! Please contact us for further information. We have some sponsoring opportunities!