Website Legal Health Check

“A well-designed, legally compliant website expresses personality in your business brand.”

Your organisation’s website is a powerful communications tool that expresses both the nature and personality of your business. How it looks and feels, and its ease of use all reflect upon your overall corporate brand.

Customers need to feel comfortable that they can buy from you. You should have confidence in your website. You also need to have control over the site to unlock most value for your company.

Good website governance and legal compliance can help you to meet these goals.

Details of the website legal health check

It’s estimated that between 60 percent and 84 percent of websites are not compliant legally. With the powers of some regulators increasing recently, now is as good a time as any to get a website legal health check The Website Legal Health Check will

  • show which laws and regulations apply to your website;
  • give the necessary legal wording;
  • find any general amendments required to the website to comply with the new legislation;
  • Give you all the necessary notices to upload onto your site.
  • E RADAR Trust Mark to display on your website


The Website Legal Health Check costs just £295 for a standard website* – a small price to pay to keep on the right side of the law, enhance your corporate brand, inspire confidence among your customers, and get peace of mind.

What to do next



The Website Legal Compliance Health Check usually takes about 10 working days to complete. You will receive a Legal Compliance Report which checks your website against online legal risks identified under UK law.

  • A standard website usually consists of up to 30 web pages. For larger and more complex websites please contact us.