trust, smart trust markYou can apply for one of E RADAR's trustmarks - kite marks which demonstrate your commitment to business excellence as well as trust and confidence for your online users.

E RADAR trustmarks aim to help you and your business get greater visibility and more business opportunities across our online community and beyond.

Benefits of a trustmark

  • Quality sells. Potential customers are likely to prefer an E RADAR trustmarked member when choosing an ICT solutions provider.

  • Get together. E RADAR trustmarks are looked upon favourably by other E RADAR members and our wider community looking to collaborate on future projects.

  • Increased opportunities. Certain E RADAR affiliated projects are only available to trustmarked members.

  • “If you’ve got it...” E RADAR trustmark logos are available to trustmarked members to display on correspondence, online and promotional materials if you so choose.

  • Get listed in E RADAR's Smart Mark Directory which also authenticates your trustmark accreditation.

We actively police the use of E RADAR trustmarks.

Available trustmarks

Supplier Smartmark


E RADAR's Smart Supplier Trustmark is aimed at suppliers of cyber solutions who want to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to customer service and satisfaction as well as good practice.