E RADAR's Research Labs probe into the challenges facing information society and the online economy, stimulating fresh thinking and new ways forward.

'fresh thinking . sharp analysis . academic excellence'

The Labs provide an independent, trusted platform for experienced professionals to work with university departments with relevant strengths and topics on which industry (users as well as suppliers) are willing to assist Masters students with access to information, and to their staff for interviews and/or surveys.

The University departments may cover a wide range of disciplines; law, sociology, psychology, human geography, business, technology policy, economics as well as computing and politics.

Core principles

  • Produce Master students with knowledge and skills specialist and generic relevant to their future careers, and provide opportunities for students to integrate work and enterprise experience and study.
  • Ensure there is a constant interchange of research, ideas and people between academie and business to sustain world-class research within our universities.
  • Embed a culture of pursuing the application of university based research excellence, optimising the use of government support in research, innovation and development.
  • Create economic growth through partnership with Local Enterprise Partnerships and government agencies, leveraging each university
  • Build collaboration between universities, businesses and government agencies to identify areas of future knowledge and capability creation and identify where partners
  • Provide Masters students with a public platform to showcase their academic work and achievements to prospective employers

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